More ways to give

In addition to give via our regular weekly offering collection, you can make donation via the following online giving tools:
- CHIMP (processing fee 2.8%)
- Canada Helps (processing fee 3.5%~4.0%)


Quick donation to General Fund ONLY:

For donation to various funds by designation:
1) Sign up for your CHIMP Account (first time only), please make sure your contact information like your name and email are clearly entered.
2) Verify your email address by checking your email (first time only)
3) Login to CHIMP:

4) Enter "Ottawa Chinese Alliance Church" at the "Find a Charity" box
5) Click the button "GIVE MONEY TO THIS CHARITY"
6) Fill in all the instructions, Please make sure your contact information like your name, address and email are clearly entered. 

Please specify your fund designation at "For the Charity" box such as the amount to General Fund, Missions Fund, Building Fund and/or others , otherwise, the fund will be deposited to General Fund. 

7) Click CONTINUE for review and to confirm.

Canada Helps
Tax receipts will be issued by canadahelps click here for frequently asked questions