Welcome to our ESM study on Titus (Sermon recording + study notes scroll down)


Did you know that Titus is a “Pastoral Epistle”? What is a Pastoral Epistle you may ask? Or perhaps you are wondering who is Titus to begin with? Titus, and the book named after his namesake are definitely topics that are not talked about very often compared to Paul or the more “popular” books of the Bible. The book is just 3 chapters long and can so easily be missed as one flips through the bible looking for Romans, 1 & 2 Timothy (also Pastoral Epistles) or there more talked about books.

Over the next few months as a congregation we will be preaching through the book of Titus and seeing how the words spoken by Paul to Titus, can apply to our lives, families and church today.

Though these words were written for a community distanced from us by nearly 2000 years, the power of God’s words are still applicable in the lives of believers today. God wants to speak to each and every one of you as you study Titus. The ball is in your court. It is up to you to be a ready and open yourself up to allow the words found in Titus to speak to your heart.

During the next 3 lessons (or 6 depending on your group’s meeting frequency) you will cover the 3 chapters of Titus. This study will in no way be an exhaustive study and cover all there is to know about Titus, but it will hopefully wet your appetite to study it more in-depth for yourself.

In each lesson you will have opportunities to look deeper into the words of Paul and explore the message he wanted to convey. There will be questions for discussion, background information given and even a bit of work outside for those who desire to get the most out of this study.

Through S.O.A.P. reflections (this will be explained later) you do on your own, you will be better prepared for each study together as well as be more equipped to apply the lessons to your own life. The good thing is you will not be on this journey alone. Together with many other cell groups you will be reading and studying the book of Titus. From September - November the sermon topics will based on the words found in Titus as well.

My prayer is as you look into the book of Titus, you will find God speaking to you and you will find application for your own life as well as those in your cell group and our family of faith here at OCAC. May God bless you and your small group as we study Titus together


P. Dave