22 Eccles Street, Ottawa ON, K1R 6S2

No. 2 Bus Routes

From Queensway (Hwy 417) West

  1. Get off at Rochester Exit and turn left on traffic light
  2. Make a right turn on Gladstone Ave.
  3. After the first set of traffic light on Booth Street, turn left on Lebreton Street N.
  4. OCAC is located at the second block.

From Queensway (Hwy 417) East

  1. Get off at Bronson Exit and keep right as soon as possible
  2. Turn right on Bronson Ave and head north.
  3. Make a left turn on Somerset street until you see a small public parking lot.
  4. Turn left on Lebreton Street N.
  5. OCAC is located at the first intersection.


  • P1: Ground level parking lot on Eccles Street
  • P2: Underground parking lot on Lebreton Street
  • P3: Somerset Community Health Centre parking lot
  • Additional parking: Side streets around the church on Eccles or Lebreton (limited space)